The end of unpaid invoices for

Ensure your invoices are always get paid on time, and customers understand their responsibilities, with the most stringent terms of business designed and tested specifically for freelancers, small businesses & contractors

Do you suffer from late payments of invoices or loss from cancelled jobs? Have you got Terms of Business?

A recent study found that the majority of freelancers and small businesses don’t have even a basic Terms of Business set up.

This means that when undertaking work with customers there is no formal agreement between both sides about payments, cancellation of previously arranged jobs and the responsibilities of both parties before, during and after the work takes place.

Its no wonder then that freelancers and small businesses are the ones hardest hit by late or non payments of invoices? And if you don’t have a Terms of Business for your company yours could be the next (if not already) struggling with cash flow.

At TermsBox we have created a bespoke Terms of Business just for freelancers and small businesses that protects every aspect of the business and its work ensuring payments on time and an easy life for you!

Protect all aspects of your business and work

Terms of business in your name

You dont just get a template. We set up the terms of business in your company/trading name

Stringent Payment Terms

The most stringent payment terms ever created that are proven to get every customer to pay you on time

Cancellation & Postponement Clause

Protection for you if an agreed job is cancelled or delayed ensuring you'll be compensated anyway

Outlines Customers Responsibilities

Ensure a customer is always happy by advising what needs to be done prior to starting & on completion

Promotion of work agreement

Get permission use the work you do for the client for your portfolio & marketing

Add your own specific clauses

You can add your own sections to the TermsBox agreement for items specific to your business or trade

Why do I need TermsBox for my business?

Being a freelancer or running a small trade business is tough enough as it is. Working tirelessly all day the last thing you need is additional paperwork and hassle.

Having the assurance of getting paid on time, jobs not being cancelled at the last minute (leaving you sat at home not earning money) and happy customers is what TermsBox is all about.

After all it was created by a self employed contractor who faced these issues again and again. It was at the point that the business was about to go under when these revolutionary Terms of Business were created changing everything and making the life of a small business owner so much easier.

Now its time for us to  share this secret with other freelancers and small business owners!

So do you want to transform your working life by getting the assurance that everything you do is in the safe hands of TermsBox?

Still not sure? Here are the advantages we guarantee you will see by using TermsBox:

  • Guaranteed payment of invoices ON TIME! The stringent payment terms make it nonsensicle of a customer to pay late.
  • Never have a job cancelled or postponed at the last minute again with terms protecting you from this.
  • No losing out because another contractor is not finished on time. If there is a delay due to this and you lose out you get paid!
  • Everyone is happy. Customers have written terms outlining what they need to before you start and know exactly what they will get. No disagreements again!

Don't wait, get our 60% launch discount while it's here

To celebrate the launch of TermsBox we are offering an amazing deal for our first few customers. We are slashing the price from £49 to just £19 but this is a very limited offer so grab it while you can! Plus you get 60 days to try it FREE!

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We give you 30-day money back guarantee

There is even better news. Buying TermsBox is totally risk free. You get a 60 day FREE trial and even then, if you buy it and you’re not totally satisfied with the way that TermsBox will transform the running of your business then we will give you a FULL REFUND. Just send us an email and we will send your payment back to you in full – no questions asked!

What do you get with TermsBox?

Terms Hosted Online

No paperwork. Your Terms of Business will be online via your own link -

60 Day Free Trial

We know TermsBox will transform your business but when let you try it free to proove it

User set up manual

A short but comprehensive manual is included to advise you how to start implementing your terms

Letter/email templates

We will even help you chase any current invoices you have unpaid with our exclusive templates

All Legal wording

Cut and paste templates included to link all your estimates, invoices etc to your online TermsBox page

Lifetime expert support

We are always here to help. If you ever have any questions or issues we're available to chat anytime

We know how TermsBox can transform your business

Unpaid invoices and jobs cancelled at the last minute used to cripple my business. After I created these Terms of Business late payments have dropped by 94%! At Christmas 2017 I was owed £14k - this year I didn't have a single outstanding invoice!
Andrew Mole
Self-Employed Contractor & Creator of TermsBox

TermsBox will make your life much easier. You deserve it!

Imagine your life when running your business will involve no late payment of invoices, no cancelled/delayed jobs leaving you out of pocket and no disagreements with clients. Are you ready to start your 60 day FREE trial?! Then if you decide to continue as a paying customer its only £19 per year which includes a 30 day no questions asked full money back guarantee!

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