The end of unpaid invoices for

TermsBox is all you need to bring an end to the pain of late payments. We want to end tweets like these!

what is termsbox?

There are lots of tools that help you send invoices. There weren’t tools that make sure they get paid. 
Until now! Let us introduce you to TermsBox.

Terms of business

The most stringent terms of business that make sure you're paid

hosted online

Your terms hosted online with a unique page address to link to

offline contract

A beautiful, professional & editable contract you can send to clients

we chase payment

In the rare cases that you're not paid on time we chase the clients


The biggest problem, and biggest risk, for small businesses and freelancers is the impact of unpaid invoices. And the reality is most of them don’t even have a basic terms of business that sets out their customers payment responsibilities and penalties. TermsBox is the done-for-you solution to this.


TermsBox have created a revolutionary system that all but guarantees you will be paid on time. By offering two payment term periods, the later being at a considerable cost increase to the customer, everyone of your clients will choose to pay on time rather than paying more.


With the assurance that you will, finally, get paid what you are owed when you are owed it, the running of your business will be so much easier. It allows you to plan growth under the knowledge of definite cash flow, and allows you peace of mind without the worry of the bank account being in the red.

we chase any late payments for free

We are so sure of the way that TermsBox will revolutionize the success rate of your payments that in the rare occasions that a client still does not pay their invoice on time, we will chase them to settle up for FREE!

fall in love with TERMSBOX

More hours in the day

We take care of getting your invoices paid, you get more time to focus on what you care about — helping your business succeed.

Stress free cash flow

No more nights worrying about the last $10 in your bank account. With TermsBox you know you will be paid on time every time.

We've done it all for you

We provide everything you need to incorporate your new terms of business into your work and communications straight away.

Unlimited support

You're not alone. TermsBox is run by real people who have been where you are, and we are here to help with all your payment collection queries.

All you need to ensure you GET paid on time

Dont like it? Get a full refund.

We know about the financial pressures on freelancers and small businesses so if you don't get value from TermsBox we'll refund you in full.
$ 1 For first 3 months then just $29 per year
  • 30 day money back guarantee - try it risk free
  • Any invoice not paid on time is chased by us for FREE
  • Online hosted terms of business with your branding
  • A beautiful, editable contract to use offline & send to clients to sign
  • Legal wording templates to incorporate the terms into your business
  • Our onboarding user manual with all you need to do to get started
  • Email templates to chase any current unpaid invoices (pre TermsBox)
  • Expert support from the TermsBox team
  • Never have to worry about unpaid invoices again

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